Multiple Spinning pages are not working

Dear Forum Members, I have desined a workflow to automate the autodesk forums for product support team but the data scraping was not working on multiple pages

Hi @krishnakanth_sarma,
You should give more details and some screenshots otherwise how can we help you?
Imagine that my car is broken and I went to mechanics and told them “it’s not working”.

Hi sir, Multiple spin pages are not working while am using data scraping in web

am only getting 40 scrap data after selecting the multiple spin pages too, and i want to know how to add hyperlink
please support ,

It might be selector issue that it’s not switching through sites. Have you checked our Academy trainings? There is a nice training where you can learn more about dynamic selectors and training with use of the ACME system where you need to build some reports based on data scrapping.

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Sure , i will check it now
Thanks a lot for support

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