Data Scraping is not working


I try to use data scraping from Design tab at Ribbon section, click on ‘Data Scraping’ >Extract Wizard shows up> click Next > select the table from a web page(Chrome browser, extension added) > it did show up preview Data > click finish > and nothing happen and jump back to UiPath studio and nothing is there.

any help?

can you try with IE instead

IE is working, but I do want to do it on Chrome, due to IE may facing EOS soon…

any suggestion?

try with IE first coz IE is the only stable browser with uipath

@Nox_Lee Cn you share the screenshots or any error message you are getting also restart your chrome browser and give a try.

Now, I’m using IE and facing another problem for using Recording(choose web) > Open Browser> point to URL location and left click to get URL, and nothing happen, it won’t get the URL address like in Chrome browser.

and I don’t see any extensions for IE. any suggestion?

@indra as in Chrome browser, like there is nothing happen. Therefore, no error messages appear. I’ll try restart computer to give it a try again.

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@Nox_Lee please share screenshots of error and conditions applied on your process.

Or you can contact me on SKYPE.
Happy Learning

Hi all,

Chrome is working now, I can finally do Data Scraping after reboot the computer. Thanks for all your information and helps.

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