Data Scraping on chrome is not working

I try to use data scraping from Design tab at Ribbon section, click on ‘Data Scraping’ >Extract Wizard shows up> click Next > select the table from a web page(Chrome browser, extension added) > it did show up preview Data > click finish > and nothing happen and jump back to UiPath.

Even i tried by restarting my system and Chrome also. I don’t have to go for any other browser also.

Can anyone help me on this??


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Check below for DataScrapping

Also can you tell me what you are expecting?

Hope this helps you


Hi @Prasoon_Kumar

Ensure the extension is added in chrome and in UiPath Studio

Ashwin S

@ksrinu070184 Thanks…i am trying to extract data from this site " " using data scraping.
the process what i am following is…select Data Scraping -> Click on next -> selecting the text for what i need to fetch - > after clicking on finish button, i am not getting popup window called “is data spanning multiple pages?” and because of this i am not able to get the text from the site. Because it is not generating any error message, cant attach here. I tried this in chrome and edge browser as well but not working.

Plz note: This is happening only in this site.


@AshwinS2 yeah extension is added brother

Im having the same issue with this website Im trying to follow a tutorial on udemy that uses this example. I have tried on IE and Chrome. I cant get to the last step of producing the data table.

Did you find a solution?