Uipath Advanced Training Assignment1 : Spinning through pages is not happening

I am trying to work on Uipath Assignment1 : while trying to extract Work Item datatable, spinning through pages is not happening. I tried with delay in pages by 300 ms and its only extracting visible text on web page 1 and not clicking on the page 2 Please helpExtract Work Item Data Table.xaml (9.1 KB)

Hi @Leela_Javvaji,

Refer the below workflow

Data scraping is not done property thats why its not spanning through multiple pages

Extract Work Item Data Table.xaml (7.6 KB)


hello @Leela_Javvaji

your nextLinkSelector is wrong.please change it

Happy Automation


Thanks @anil5 & @sandeep13

Its working fine after updating selector


Need help again.

Get transaction Data : Unable to get details of WIList in get transaction data workflow whereas count of WIList got displayed as 11 in Extract WorkItem Datatable.

Can you please help here whether I have misplaced arguments. Checked multiple times but couldnt getExtract Work Item Data Table.xaml (7.4 KB)
Main.xaml (61.2 KB)

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