Data scrapping on multiple pages is not working

Hi Folks,

Can anybody help me out on the below issue.

I could not able to extract the data from all the pages using data scrapping. I dont know why. I have changed the next page selector as dynamic it only spanning to the multiple pages but extracting the data only from the first page

Hi @Nagarajan_Krishnamoorthy

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Did you indicate the page number during scrapping?

Hi @sangeethaneelavannan1

I need to extract the data from all the pages i have given the page selector as * after giving that only BOT clicking the next page

Hi @Nagarajan_Krishnamoorthy

Can you share selector and We can able to access the website?


Can you share the xaml
Ideally you can give the option for the multiple page while doing the extraction and automatically it will take the next pages and iterate over.

Yes city

We can able to view the website. This website will work only in the particular network range @Nagarajan_Krishnamoorthy

Hi @Nagarajan_Krishnamoorthy

Check if the selector in the extract data is having attributes related to only first page… and may be even after changing the page in the backend the data from first page is still persistent


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