2 robots and 1 machine template


I have 1 machine template created in cloud orchestrator with 2 unattended robots assigned.
I have 2 robot PCs configured and connected to the machine template.
I connected the robots logged in as the 2 different robots mentioned above.

Will the robots run on either of the PCs depending on which is available?


Yes, if set “Any connected machine” as the following.


so just for clarification. I can have either of my 2 robots running on one single PC? Obviously the robot account would need to have access to the PCs?

if you use 1 machine template and 1 runtime in 2 Servers with difference Machine as UR. only who connected first able to run a Job. the rest will be connected, unlicensed.


Do you mean 2 users (OS account) are set up in the machine and run process on either of the 2 users?
We can run a process on not only specific user account but also any user account who is assigned in the folder.


yes I think that’s it.

Lets say I have Robot1 & Robot2. I also have PC1 & PC2.

Robot1 & Robot2 are connected to one template machine. Can robot1 execute processes on PC1 or PC2? Also, can Robot2 execute processes on PC1 or PC2?

I have 2 runtime unattended(prod) licences.

If you would like Robot1 / Robot2 to be able to run robots on PC1 & PC2, with 2 x unattended licenses, you’ll need to:

  1. Create 1 x machine template, with 1 x unattended runtime assigned to that template
  2. Connect both PCs to Orchestrator using that machine template → This will consume both the unattended licenses that you have i.e. 1 x unattended runtime per PC so total 2 consumed.
  3. Are both PCs domain-joined? If so just ensure that both Robot1 and Robot2’s domain accounts can log in to either PC. If not domain-joined you’ll need to ensure that the local account credentials used by Robot1 and Robot2 exist on PC1 and PC2.
  4. Or alternatively, you could just use one robot accoutn (e.g. Robot1) and ensure that that robot account exists on both PC1 and PC2.

Yes both are domain joined and both accounts have access to logon.

So you are saying i will be able to have either user/robot run on the machine template and then be able to choose the hostname(PC) in which it runs on like shown below?


Yeah, since both robot accounts can log on to both PCs, they can run on either of the PCs. You wouldn’t even need to specify down to the hostname if it doesn’t matter which PC you run on. And you also wouldn’t need to specify the machine if you have only 1 x machine template assigned to the folder.

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