Move emails to subfolder of shared mailbox

I want to move emails from Inbox of a certain shared mailbox to a subfolder of Inbox in the same shared mailbox, but I have trouble getting access to the subfolders. Anyone knows how to do that?

I’m using “Move IMAP Mail Message” activity.


Are you using OutLook or any other Mail Application…?


Use “Move outlook Mail Messages” activity.


As @aksh1yadav Suggested…“Move outlook Mail Messages” is working fine…
but if you want to work with “Move IMAP Mail Message”, you should be aware of all the parameters of the properties like “PORT, SERVER, etc, …”

My robot runs on a server which does not have the Outlook application installed, so Outlook Mail Message is not an option.

The problem is in accessing the subfolders, actual Inbox I am able to reach.

I have tried “Inbox.Subfolder” and “Inbox/Subfolder”, but both don’t work.

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Please try with the following format…it will work…
Format: “Inbox\Subfolder”

Can’t get it to work with “Inbox\Subfolder” either. I still only am able to move emails to folders on the same “level” as the Inbox of the shared mailbox, not to subfolders.

Hi @Ovaa,

Try this



Still no luck, I’m using IMAP mail activities, not Outlook mail activities (not possible for my application)

I had this same issue. I had to use the full path for the Subfolder including the E-mail address in which it sat, IE:\Inbox\Subfolder”

Hope this helps!

Hi @Ovaa,

I had similar issues (although I am using ‘Get IMAP Mail Messages’). For the ‘Get outlook mail messages’ i had to use “Inbox\aa-test” but this path didn’t work for IMAP.

For ‘Get IMAP Mail Messages’ i got it to work with “Inbox/aa-test”. None of the other suggestions worked for me. Is it possible that different email servers require different path formats? My mailbox is an office 365 account.

Hi All,

Please help me on this …

I am working on “Move IMAP Mail Message Activity” in UI Path

please help me with all properties

Hi Craig, I have to access mails that are placed on subfolders on 3rd level, which means Inbox\FolderName1\FolderName2. In FolderName2 are the mails I have to Work with. How do I access them, how to specify the path to subfolders? the suggestion above is not working, I’m using Get Outlook mail message. Thnak you in advance.

Hi @ELV,

As I said in my post using Inbox\folderName worked for me, but the other suggestions didn’t. You may need to try different path options.

First check you can access the Inbox, then go from there.

Sorry but I don’t have a solution for you.

Hi Craig,
It is working by using Inbox\folderName.The problem was that the e-mails were copied form another Outlook and not imported. They had .msg in the subject therefor the robot were not able to read them.
I have another question related to e-mail when there is a Plug-in that has to be clicked on. How do I open an e-mail by double-click on it in order to get the plugin visible and related to the e-mail I’m searching for?
It is working when the focus is on that specific e-mail, but as long as I’m on another one is not working as expected. Any suggestion what can be?
Thank you in advance

Br, Elena


How can I get emails via Get IMAP mail messages Activity from shared office365 email account?
I’m able to read emails from own account, but if I try to use linked office email account as logon email, I’ll receive authentication error. Should I use my own email address in logon email and somehow tell that linked account in MailFolder parameter?

I had the same problem, and your solution helped me. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Dear All,

I am trying to Accesss Download teh attachemeetn from the mails in Inbox folders of a Shared Mailbox, I ahve given the path like bleow but the “Folder doesnt exist error occured”

Plesae help



I have the following file structure:

shared folder -

So if I want to access shared folder inbox, I should write: “\Inbox\Subfolder” ?

I can’t get this to work. Any ideas?

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