Mail Activities Pack Release

The new Mail Activities Pack v.1.1.6562.21018 is now live, along with all its fixes and features!

You can find the Release notes for this pack at

Thanks @Tech_Scribe for the notes!


This is great news, and it seems to work well on getting emails from shared Exchange mailbox, but without support in the “Move Exchange Mail message” activity as well, it’s not very useful.

(e.g. my flow reads the emails from the shared mailbox, processes them, moves them to a subfolder in the shared mailbox).

Or do I simply lack understanding of the syntax in the target MailFolder attribute?

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This feature is still under development, and more will be added in future releases, based on user feedback especially. Thank you.

So do you mean to say we cant move mails from one folder to other in the exchange server using UIpath. I am looking for the same.

@niteshvnr: to my knowledge no, not unless you use the Outlook activity (and have Outlook), which is utterly too bad.

@Gabriel_Tatu: Can you provide an example of the properties for reading in a subfolder of a SharedMailbox ? Specifically one with spaces in it’s name, such as “Processed emails” under “Inbox”.


Get exchange mail message works only for Inbox folder on a shared account. We will update the activity to get emails from other folders too, soon.

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@Gabriel_Tatu, @mrj, @niteshvnr @bandn @Paula @Avinash Sorry for barging into this conversation but this post is slightly misleading.

I was told the same by my team member who looked at this post and we did a quick test and it works fine. You can move emails from any to any folder (not just inbox) as long as the following 2 conditions are met:

  1. The folders are at root level and not a sub-folder of inbox.
  2. The folder name should not exceed 14 characters at the root level.

I hope it clarifies it now.