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Hi guys

I hope you can help me with my problem!

I am having some problems with accessing a subfolder in a shared mailbox in outlook. I have successfully accessed the “Inbox” folder, but i cannot access the subfolders. I have gone through “all” the other solutions you guys have helped others with, but without any success here.

Hopefully one or more of you can help me solve this! :slight_smile:

Mikkel OutlookRobot.xaml (8.3 KB)


Hello @Mikkel_Hopner,

Take a look at this,maybe it will help you with your problem



Thank you for your quick reply!

I have already tried that, but with no succes… I have tried with many different combinations of \Inbox\03 Material Master etc… But it will not access the subfolder.


May I know what’s error message your getting?


I solved the issue… I don’t know if it was the file that had a bug or something, but after restarting my computer and trying in a new document it worked fine :slight_smile:


What path did you use to access the shared folder?


Hi Mikkel
Can you please share how you accessed the inbox for share mailbox. I am trying to read inbox of shared mailbox. It is available as additional account in ROBO email account. I cannot use IMAP.

Thanks for your help.


@Mikkel_Hopner, can you please help us on @Ramesh_Chaudhary query .

Raj kumar


Hi could you please post your solution to this problem, we are experiencing the same problem.