Mouse Scroll on SAP and Windows application

I’m new to UIPath. We r planning to automate SAP application using UIPath need to fire mouse scroll command Is there a way to execute mouse scroll in UIPAth instead of pressing page up or down?


@lakshman @badita ?

I also have this problem, pgdn and down Hotkeys don’t work. I need to find a button that is displayed further down the web page and requires a scroll of the window to see it.

Try using Down Key instead of Page Down :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried that but it doesn’t work.

I found a solution. I am doing a Mouse click in the space under the Scroll bar, which brings the screen down and the button into view. I am guessing SAP must be locked down from using normal web page navigation keys.

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Could you please share me your code.

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I found this topic while looking for a solution to scroll to a specific datafield in SAP GUI.
The solution for my problem: use a “Send Hotkey” activity with the element you need to scroll down (or another element close to it) as target end set “tab” as hotkey.

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I am closing this thread, as there are no issue and the topic is outdated.

As of now we are able to automate all SAP elements in SAP WinGUI

See here SAP Automation - what’s new in UiPath Studio 20.4

Best regards, Lev