How to scroll down page?

I want to scroll down in page.

remark : I use send hotkey ctrl+down or end , pg dn , But not work.

Please guide me about it.


Hi @Maria99

I came across like this sometime back and I would do like this,

click the down arrow button (using click image) on the scroll bar in a loop until you found the element you want.


@prasath_S How to loop?

There are multiple options to do this


—as I can see in your comments first let’s give a try manually on which key it is taking us to the bottom of the page

Did we try with just end key
Or check for multiple options manually and let’s give with send hot key
Pgdn key

Pls use the key in that drop down and not mention on own
Pgdn and Pg dn makes a difference
So use it from the drop down in send hot key activity


— even if that doesn’t work there is one more activity called HOVER activity

It hovers over specified UI element

If you have got any element at the bottom of the page then select that as a individual element with this Hover activity so that bot will get to that spot by hovering



—even if that does work, Usually in web pages, the page do not need to be scrolled down to locate UI elements. IT will check for it in the entire page even though it is not visible in the screen or not. You might need to take a look at that as well…
So if you are just trying click on element which is at bottom then we don’t need to scroll down
Use click activity with simulate click property enabled
Or use type into to enter any value with same simulate type enabled
That would work for sure

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @Maria99


  1. Create a variable counter (type int) and default value 0 in variables panel

  2. Use do while activity and give condition as counter = 20

3.Inside do while put a click image activity and indicate the down arrow button

  1. And after click image put a assign activity ad give

Counter = Counter + 1

This will click the down arrow button 20 times change the count accordingly to your needs.

@prasath_S If I using click image , it same image.

Please guide me for solve it.

Hi @Maria99

You can try to use Scroll Activity(Refer the Screenshot)

Amount: you can use 120 or 240
120 can Scroll up to 1 page.
240 can scroll up to 2 pages.


Go to manage packages
Did you try to use Scroll Activity


@Maria99 try indicate this region using indicate on screen in click image activity.

And check if any of the property changes in the activities properties panel,

Clipping region


Jus to clarify May I know what we want at the bottom of the page
Is it like clicking a button or type in any field


@prasath_S It error as below.

@Palaniyappan I want to bottom of the page.

Hi @Maria99,

The most reliable way to scroll down is to use an element and focus on that element. Set Focus ( I remember @NIVED_NAMBIAR had this as a solution to a similar question some months ago.

With Set Focus you will not be dependent on any external libraries and it works like a charm!

In that case use HOVER activity
And here you go on how to use it

Cheers @Maria99

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Hi @Maria99
Thanks @jeevith for suggesting solution using set focus

Well i had afound another way to scroll down to botton of page using javascript

use this js code


use inject js script activity for this

Nived N

There is a new activity exactly for this purpose - Mouse Scroll - introduced with the 21.8 community release. You can use it in older versions of Studio as long as you update the UIAutomation package to 21.8 or newer.


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