Issue with Scrolling a Web page

I am facing an issue with scrolling down a web page in uipath.

Can someone kindly help please


Can you post what are you trying so far @Lalasa?

Have you tried sending hot keys like page up and page down?


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May I know what error are you getting here?

You can use send Hotkey activity and pass pgdn to scroll down.

Hi Laksham,

There is a button which I have to click at the end of a web page.

For that, I will have to scroll down the web page. It is not detecting the button if the page is not scrolling down.

I have tried, selectors, send hot key, type into, recording, computer vision. Yet I am unable to scroll down

Hi Hareesh,

This is the page.

once I scroll it down, I will have to click the “Submit” button.

If I am manually scrolling it down, UIPath is recognizing the “Submit” button. If it is not scrolled down, it is popping up an error “Image not found”.

I want to scroll it down automatically, for which i have tried hot keys, type into,computer vision.

Yet I am not getting any positive result

Just do that manually and save the workflow, It will automatically detect it while running @Lalasa

Sorry, I dint get you. Can you pleas elaborate

scroll down to the end and then record the action click. You will get the selector for the submit button. So, while running the wrkflow it will autmatically detect the selector @Lalasa

Just Tried it Hareesh.

This is the error i am getting


Why are you using Click Image activity here?

Try with Click activity once and check SimulateType or SendWindowMessage in properties of that Click activity.

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Hi @Lalasa

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Please refer the following document :slight_smile:


A small explanation would be as follow:

  1. Click activity basically has the info of the whole page, even if it’s not visible to naked eye
    Though the click image looks for the image first and then click what matches

  2. Speed of click is way better in click activity

  3. Click has multiple type as well in it, though I’ll suggest you to go through the links provided for better explanation :slight_smile:

Good day :smiley:

I tried it with click and it wasnt able to recognise the button @lakshman

So , I used Click Image. The issue isnt with clicking the button. Because i designed my workflow to click it. But still, the button is not getting identified, till it is cursor reached end of page. And I am doing it manually

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Hi Shubham,

Thanks, I have already tried using Click .Let me try again and see if it is recognizing the button.


Hello @Lalasa,

Are you having trouble with scrolling the page or clicking the button?

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