In SAP App How to Scroll down until we reach the end of page and Take Screenshot of all pages

I Can Scroll down in SAP using Send hot key but bot is not able to know when the page end has reached. I need to do Scroll using Page down and take screenshot of each page till end.

Please help here.

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Hi @shalu.mittal ,

Try using Set Focus Activity

I tried that Pradeep. Its not working.

HI @LevKushnir , Could you please help here. I want to do page down and take Screenshot but how to identify we have reached end of page and stop taking screenshots. Can i use anything to check we have reached end of page? like checking scrol percent reached 100% or something else?


Tell me more:

  • which SAP?
  • which SAP WinGUI?
  • which SAP Transaction?
  • Do you have a screenshot for me?
  • which versions of UiPath Studio?
  • what it the use case? what you want to achieve?

Thanks, Lev

btw. here we have discussed the scrolling of the page Recording in SAP - How to select option when scrolling necessary in pop up window - #11 by KaldahlConsulting

Hey @LevKushnir , Thank you for responding. Please find details below:
SAP Logon for Windows
760 Final Release

Its for transaction /SM37

Page End Screenshot

Uipath version i am using is 2019.10.4 and Ui-automation package is 20.4.3

Usecase is: I need to do page down and take Screenshot of all pages till the end of Page and paste the screenshots in a Word document.

Challenge for me is: Not able to identify if end of page is reached as i cannot apply element exists/image exists to check as the content is dynamic.

can you automate the robot to use the search function to search for the an element on the bottom on the screen? Then the robot should scroll down and focus that element automatically. This is how i avoid scrolling down on my SAP.

Im not sure if it will work on your version you can try it