How to control the position of scroll down in web page with uipath

Hi everyone,

I am beginner in uipath.
Now I am facing a problem related to scroll down the web page using sending hotkey is “Pgdn”. But When I use that hotkey, It jumps a big step, exceed the position that I want.
Now I am finding another solution so I can scroll down the web page to any position that I want.
But I don’t find any useful solution on internet.
Please help me out if you have any solution for this problem.
Sorry for my bad English.

Thanks and best Regards,
Hoang Anh.

How about down key.

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Hi @ddpadil,

Thank you so much.
It works for my case.

Thanks and best regards,
Hoang Anh.

Hi @anhth15 @ddpadil
In my webpage i need to select the date field show as like this :


If i select the Arrow button through the click event display as below screenshoot :

In this drop down i need to select every time the first date of displaying each day the date will be changed how it will get that here ?

Can you guide me