Mouse click and drag or click and hold using OCR in Citrix

Trying to build an automation in a Citrix Remote window using OCR. I need to move a bar to slide a window which I do with a mouse click and drag the bar or a left click and hold. I can’t seem to locate commands for this.

Hi @David_Goldwag,

If you need to scroll up or down that window, you can use activity as below:

pgup - scroll up
pgdn - scroll down
Also, scroll option is there too.



Did you find a solution for this?

Your scenario includes scrolling the screen up and down or left and right?

that can be done using Send Hotkey and the desired keyboard shortcut that helps to navigate in your required direction

Also you can consider using element exists to your target button/area and then use click activity on the arrow/navigation button on the application.

Also, Really appreciate and respect the fact that you are firstly, seeking solution to your problem in existing posts on the Forum. :+1:

But that will be better if you also mention your scenario or requirements in your comment so that, community members can give you a specific response to your usecase.

Again, appreciate you putting effort to search first before creating a new thread.