Deployment issue on VM/VDI

hi All,

We have designed a solution for a Citrix environment, as it is Citrix we should be navigating through the application using Key strokes which are able to but when working with Mouse clicks all the clicks are being clicked at a different position after deployment on VM(will not be able to set the screen resolution), the solution for this is to re-spy all, but is there any work around for this problem.

Any suggestion will be helpful.
Thanks in advance

Hi @harsha8687

Have you tried using Click Image or Click OCR Text ?
It will be extremely useful :slight_smile:

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hey @Jan_Brian_Despi,

Yes tried but as it is Citrix environment all the elements are taken as a image(there is no separate and unique Selector) and the text is also dynamic.

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Yes. Right :slight_smile:

Since it is a a Citrix environment, you will just rely on images and texts, and sending hotkeys.

There is a drop menu where we need to get the text in that field, here we are not able to read the text directly we are sending the Ctrl+Right Click to copy the text but when deployed on VDI the co-ordinates are being changed.


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Oh. got it. hmm.

Have you tried anchors?

ha yes not clicking on the correct position.

My option, I can send controls through keyboard till that Drop Down with out sending the mouse click can i simulate the mouse click using any Keyboard key strokes.