Automatic scrolling to click a button on Citrix environment


I am trying to learn how to build a small bot to save a lot of time of repetitive manual work, but my application window always have a scrollbar, and some of the buttons that I want to click (and fields to read) require to scroll to different parts of the form (vertical scroll only).
The application runs on Citrix, so I understand it makes it more complex task (?).
I cannot scroll using the keyboard (I tried arrows keys, scroll up, scroll down…).
To be honest, I am asking this before I tried it myself in your Studio. for now I am just wathcing your great academy videos.
Is that something that is not supported and I am waisting my time?

Thanks for answering!

Are you trying to scroll inside VM? Or scroll VM window?

I think “Inside VM” will be the more accurate answer:
our application is using/running in Citrix not as a remote desktop, but in what is called “Application Publish” (AKA “Seamless mode”) where only the GUI of the applicaiton is “transmitted” to the user machine.
so from the end user experience, there is a “regular” application window (with that scrollbar…), but all those controls are not identified, as it is really an image underneath…
I hope my answer was technically clear and accurate…

I do have the same doubt. want to scroll a small window inside remote desktop window. could you suggest me the way.

@Deepan_DB You could try using ‘click image’ on the bottom of the scroll bar. Click once, try and find the buttons (with find image or image exists activities), if they’re not there than try clicking again and repeat the process.

Thanks for the suggestion but there are multiple small window on that, so multiple scroll bar there. Is there any way for that?

Can you post a screenshot? Maybe there’s an element next to it, then you can make the image you’re trying to find bigger, and select the right point to click.