Maintain click on image

Is UI Path able to maintain left clic down on an image and to move the mouse ?
On an image, citrix… :heart_eyes:


Assume it is drag and drop, yes with UiPath you can do drag and drop.

Choose ClickType : CLICK_DOWN - for click down.
MouseButton : BTN_LEFT - for left click.


To drop/release use another click activity and choose ClickType : CLICK_UP

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Thanks ! im not sure if it will be able to move it like I want but will give a shot. Will come back to tell you if it’s working or not.

Hi @kocei
Check the link below for a tutorial on the solution @ranjith mentioned:

Gl! :slight_smile:

Hi @kocei,

You have to use 2 activities

  1. Click image - with click type as Down
  2. Hover - Indicate where you want your mouse to hover

Well I have done some tries, it’s not really a drag and drop, it’s more like a slider, but I can’t select iu element because it’s through citrix, Ive tried with click down and hover but it’s not really working, I will keep digging :slight_smile:

Well it doesn’t work, it seems that Im really left click on the good thing at the beginning, but the slider won’t move at all while my cursor is moving to the right. Am I missing something ? Even after releasing it with click up. Here is what im doing, if you see any error, feel free :
Main.xaml (10.8 KB)

Ok I fixed it by coding some custom code. Hover wasn’t good enough for my need. Thanks for your help everyone, have a nice day ! :sunglasses:

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