Image based automation: Finding text from the table with scroll bar

I am trying to automate a citrix based Application.

I have a scenario where I need to find given ID from a table. But, the table has a scroll bar. The rows are arranged in ascending order of the ID.

I am trying to know the best way to find the ID from the table and click on it.

Hi @rameshgp43
does the below solution help you :slight_smile:

Hi @rameshgp43

I think that you could use the Send Hotkey and press pgdn to scroll down and while to look for the ID, and while the ID is not found, it keeps pressing pgdn.

Hope it helps my friend :smiley:


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Thank you for the reply. It’s really helpful.

But, in my case, none of the keyboard options are working. is there any alternative for this(other than clicking on the scroll down button and putting it into loop)?

Also, in my case, OCR is failing to recognize the text.I could not understand how to get the row which has the ID I wanted.

Please help

So that below solution proposed by UiPath doesn’t work for you too?

If “send hotkey” doesn’t work, does “Type into” containing “[k(pgdn)] or [k(down)]” do the job for you? Also maybe you can try Scrape Relative that is relative to some anchor?