UiPath Advanced RPA Developer tips

Hi guys , I will be taking UiPath Advanced RPA Developer , I would like to ask for advice and suggestions. What are the things that usually pops up on the exam and what to study and should I be focusing on. And I have heard that there is a coding , is that like about reframework or any hint . Thank you guys

Is both multiple choice exam and practical exam being proctored? thanks.

Hello @RajivKumar12,

The official details about certification is here:

Also a good blog here:

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Hi @RajivKumar12,

What we have noticed with other candidates in the preparation for the Advanced exam is that the practical part is the one that candidates are not investing a lot of time in. Our recommendation is to practice building workflows and use the REFramework extensively. If you want more practice items, you can go to http://www.rpachallenge.com/ and try other work items from https://acme-test.uipath.com/login, but the best solution is to find solid projects inside your company/work that might need automation and build your experience through those. This is where the exam focuses a lot of its content, so it’s important to understand the REFramework in depth. It is important not only to orient yourself in the REFramework, but to also understand why each part of the REFramework was used. If you are already familiar with the REFramework, then feel free to focus your study time on reviewing the flow of the framework, and how it integrates with UiPath Orchestrator.

Obviously, a good step is also looking at the results from the practice test and understanding where exactly you lack knowledge and what are the exam topics you need to study/prepare better for. There are also a lot of conversations on the UiPath Forum around certification and some articles online written by professionals who have done this successfully such as https://www.uipath.com/community/rpa-community-blog/advanced-certification-exam.

The exam no longer has a practical part, it’s just one take and has multiple choice, drag and drop and simulation based questions.

Hope this helps.