Mock test for advanced certification

hi techies,

I have completed academy trainings level 1&2&3 , now i want to take up advanced certification test phase 1 (theory 45 questions) , but before that i would like to take up a mock test since there will be only 3 attempts , and for every attempt score will be reduced. did my research to find out mock test/questions but could not get , so can anyone help on finding mock test/questions for advanced certification.


I don’t think so any mock test available for that.

Before attempting exam, read topics like REFramework, About Orchestrator and queues. You will get many questions from this topics only.

Buddy, Firstly congrats for completing all the three levels of courses,Bravo…!

You don’t need any mock test buddy…you are already a robot master…and i appreciate your pre preparation for the certification …No problem its very simple…

  1. Kindly have a review on all the quizes that you have done so far in academics, i mean it again all the quizes, including the level 1, 2, 3 final quizes and all lessons questions…the reason is it can give you an idea about the questions. And one more thing though you got passed in each lessons and its quiz, you will be having an option to retake the quiz…kindly use that, it can let you know about few more new questions apart from the previous one. Because our uipath academy provides the best training for uipath as it is meant to be…

  2. Have a thorough glance on REFramework and orchestrator because you will be having it as a part of quiz…because this is a advanced level of certification…

Hope this would help you…

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HI @santoshg01

Glad to hear that you are ready for the certification exam.

So just to give you a glimpse of what the certification exam will look like, it will first have a quiz which you need to complete within 90 minutes. This is will basically cover what you learnt in Foundation level, Orchestrator and Advanced level.

Once you pass that, then you have to sit for the practical exam which has a time limit of 3 and a half hours. So for the practical exam, I don’t think there are any mock exams for you to try out. But, there are few things that can really help you before taking the exam.

  1. Go through the REFramework documentation and fully understand the concept of REFramework and what we do, and where we do.
  2. Go through the assignment 1 and assignment 2 in your level 3 training. These two assignments give you a great deal of practice for the final exam and a good understanding on how to sit for the practical exam. Also you may go through the solution you already developed, and see how it was done…

This will help you a lot…
Looking forward to see you certified next time we speak :slight_smile:

All the very best!!


thank you so much for your valuable suggestions @lakshman @Palaniyappan @Lahiru.Fernando :slight_smile:


Hi in which level i can learn about re framework?

In the academy, try the level 3 advanced training. It is all about the REFramework


Thank you :slight_smile: