Mobile automation feasibility!

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Can we do mobile automation on mac ?


I’m not sure if this is what you’re asking, but you can configure Appium, iOS Simulator, Android Emulator as well as real devices on a Mac, and be able to use those from MDM or Studio.

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@Thanks @phaserescu for responding.

Yes I have seen Appium/emulator installation article from UiPath. But I want to know how we can access MDM on Mac. As per my understanding, we cannot directly install UiPath on any Mac Machine. If we cannot have UiPath on Mac then how can we use MDM ?

  • On Mac you can install Appium and configure devices (emulators/real devices).
  • From a Windows machine, from MDM you can connect to the Mac Appium instance by using the Mac computer IP address or DNS name if is available.
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@phaserescu please correct me If I’m wrong or I missed anything. So for Development in Mac machine I need to perform below steps.

  • I need one mac machine and one windows machine and both should be on the same network
  • Windows machine would have UiPath Studio Installed and Mac machine would have Appium server and emulator installed
  • Now to Develop the workflows I need to provide the Appium Server URL (that we have installed on Mac machine) in MDM (that is there in windows machine)

Correct. It’s not necessary for both to be on the same network as long as you have network access to the Mac machine. For both machines to be on the same network is the easiest setup though.

Yes, probably it’s obvious, but just want to point out here that on the Mac you can have iOS Simulators as well as Android Emulators.


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Request you to please elaborate this. How can I achieve this. If you can provide a sample snap, it would be a great help.

Sorry, I’m taking your much time

When you create a new device in MDM you use the Mac computer IP address to fill in the Appium Url section (see screenshot below).

mac_appium is the IP address of the Mac machine.
10002 is the port on which I’m running Appium
/wd/hub is the standard Appium endpoint

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Thanks for helping me out again @phaserescu :pray:

Will try to reach you if I stuck somewhere. THANKS AGAIN :slight_smile:

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