Mobile Device Automation with UiPath Studio (20.4 Community Preview Release)

No automation platform is complete without Mobile Device Automation. Mobile Devices already make up more then 50% of the market share, compared to desktop computers, and are part of our daily life.

With our new version 20.4 of UiPath Studio (already available for Preview, you will find details here) we proudly introduce Mobile Device Automation as part of the platform, supporting up to 98% of Smartphones or Smart-Devices currently on the market. And it does not matter if they are emulators, real devices, or if they are in your local network, connected via USB or in the Cloud - as we leverage . You can directly interact with them trough the new Mobile Device Manager and you can create Workflows the same way you do it for desktop automation, without the need to learn something new.
This Post gives an introduction and describes how to get started.

How to get started

The only thing you need to start with Mobile Device Automation is the latest version of our NuGet-Package ‘UiPath.MobileAutomation.Activities’:

You can either do that by getting the Package from our Marketplace:

or even simpler by using the new Template for a Mobile Testing Project:

After that you should be good to go and see this new item in the Ribbon:
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Mobile Device Manager: Configuration

To make it as seamless as possible to interact with the mobile device directly from your Desktop, where UiPath Studio is used, we introduced the “Mobile Device Manager”. Not only can you configure all needed devices and applications, you can also interact with the devices directly, without ever touching it directly, as it might be in the Cloud, another office, or simply on a different table then your desktop machine:

Start the Mobile Device Manager by clicking on ‘Mobile Automation - Mobile Device Manager’:

Starting from an empty Mobile Device Manager, let’s configure the first Mobile Device by leveraging a local emulator and Appium. As setting up an emulator and an Appium server is not related to this product, we consider it a pre-requisite, especially as there are many options to setup an emulator. So I consider the emulator (or real device for that matter) and Appium already started, or available somewhere in the Cloud/the network:

The same configuration can also be done with an iPhone, Android/iOS tablets, no matter if real or emulated devices.
Next let us configure an Application that we want to start together with a specific Device. As a first step let’s use an Android APK file for that, even though it would also be possible to start an existing application on the device:

Feel free, to try it out with our test/demo application, that we reused and build from Appium:

Now we are ready to start and interact with our first application. There are multiple ways to do that, the following explains one possibility:

It also works by simply double clicking the desired entry in either the Application or Device section, which pre-fills the dialog and you simply select the missing device or application, depending on where you started from - try it out!
Getting the connection can take a few seconds, as the application is freshly installed on the device and Appium ensures all settings/drivers are up to date (or installs them if missing) and the application is automatically started for us. This ensures we always have a fresh and stable environment, but in turn takes between 12 and 30 seconds. If you start with already installed applications, it will be faster. You only need to provide a package name and the main activity (or the BundleId and DeviceId in case of iOS). An example of how to do that is shown here:

You can provide both, the APK and the PackageName/AppActivity, or only one of them.
If you provide both, then it will first check if the APK-File is available. If it is not, it will try to start the already installed application.

Mobile Device Manager: Device Interaction

Now that you have connected to a Device, you can start interacting with it to create automation. Simply Tap/Double-Tap/Long-Tap with Mouse Clicks on the Device. You will also see that it already highlights recognized controls. You can swipe by a simple Left-Click-Hold and then moving in the direction you want to Swipe. Text Input on a control is either done by double-clicking it, or pressing the little button to the right image.
Hardware Buttons are available on the right hand side of the Device as well as advanced actions. Please try them out - there are many, from changing the orientation, saving screenshots, to more advanced actions.
Here are some examples of the interaction possibilities:

Mobile Automation Activities: Indicate On Screen

As mentioned, one of our highest priorities was to give you a seamless user experience between Desktop and Mobile Device Automation. It looks and feels the same!
A set of Mobile Device Automation Activities allows the creation of automation as you know it:

The first step is always a Device & Application Scope, the activity “Mobile Device Connection”, that encompasses your steps:

With “Select connection details” you can easily transfer a Device & App Configuration from the Mobile Device Manager:
It will set all the properties needed for you in the Activity.

With a connected device in the Mobile Device Manager, you can simply use the UI Automation Activities with Indicate on screen to fetch controls:

Mobile Automation Recorder

But there is more! Instead of leveraging the Activities one-by-one, you can also simply interact with your device and then easily, with 2-Clicks, import those Activities into your Workflow:

When you try it on your own, please make sure you have selected the “Do”-Sequence within the Mobile Device Connection. This is neceassary in Version 1, otherwise we will create one Mobile Device Connection for each step.

There are a lot of additional features that would exceed the scope of this Quick Introduction.
Please, as always feel free to reach out to us for feedback or more detailed questions.
We want & need your feedback!

One important note to our Insider-Program for the Test Suite:
If you are interested specifically in the upcoming testing capabilities of our brand new UiPath Test Suite, then please take a look at our Test Suite Insider-Program.
Not only will you get more facts around Mobile Device Automation, you will have access to all our testing related topics/Webinars:



@Christian_Mayer That’s great. Looking forward to hands-on. :slight_smile:

Karthik Byggari


The most awaited feature is now here. This is something I wanted for so long. Brilliant work.


I already completed three course in before the updation.But now I can’t see completed course and certificate. Rpa starter is one of the course I completed before updation,But now I am again completed but I can’t access certificate

(100% complete the course). What happen after updates?

My Certificate attached with this email

379_103_505511_1585411577_Diploma of Completion - Blue.pdf (223 KB)

511_103_505511_1585393577_Diploma of Completion - Blue.pdf (223 KB)


:+1:Great feature


@Christian_Mayer O…M…G…
Even the world kind of in difficult situation you guys are launching many different new thing to the world.
What a great , i was wondering why the mobile automation is late :sweat_smile:

Tell me that you all are form different universe :comet: :ringer_planet: :ringer_planet: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :partying_face: :partying_face: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


Click on “Include Prerelease” to get the package. I am working on a mobile automation, will keep on posting the challenges I come across.

A great revolution towards complete automation.

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Hello Chris
Thank you very much for all the information I have already been able to connect my devices, but there remains a question in the air how to connect an IOS device since UIPath is not available for MacOs.
Thank you


Happy to have such an activity but sadly for me the “Mobile Automation” did not appear in Tool menu while the activities are installed property from the package. Any suggestion how to get it?


Hi Ray!
The Mobile Automation is only available if you are using the latest preview release we just brought out, version 20.4.
And it is necessary to have a Studio Pro license already - which we are migrating for ALL our Community users, so have the full feature set. If you go to the announcement I linked at the beginning of this Post, here, for the 20.4 preview release, you will find lots of information how to get the latest version and license, if you don’t already have it.


Thank you so much.


Hi Santiago!
Happy to hear that you already where able to start using it. Please give us feedback, we depend on it. From all of you!
Regarding iOS:
Apple does not want you to directly connect your iOS Device to a PC and automate it, so yes, there is always a MAC involved.
There are a lot of options, here are a 3 of them:

  • You can have a MAC in your network running the Appium Server, where the iOS is connected. From there you can connect with our solution. We do that in our own tests with a MAC Mini.
  • You can also use the MAC and Appium on that machine with a simulator.
  • Many customers/users prefer “the easy way out” and leverage cloud device farm providers, like Sauce Labs, Perfecto Mobile, Browserstack,… We also use those for broad testing on devices, Android and iOS. Most of them also offer free trial accounts to try it out, if you don’t know which fits best. Our preferred partner at the beginning will be Sauce Labs, as they are brilliantly easy to use and have a lot of features, but it should work on the others as well.

We will follow up with a separate post on how to leverage devices from the cloud, it was just too much to do that all in one post.
I hope that helps a bit.

Happy Mobile Automation,

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Awesome! Always wondered why Mobile device automation is not included.


Hello @Christian_Mayer,

looks great, thank you very much :grinning:

Best regards


This is simply amazing…Kudos…:+1:



Can you please advice how to join the webinar on April 07th, 2020.

Thanks & Regards

Swapnika P


Hello Sir,
i am unable to download MobileAutomation. Activbity pkg. Gettig below error.

The feed ‘ []’ lists package ‘Selenium.WebDriver.3.141.0’ but multiple attempts to download the nupkg have failed. The feed is either invalid or required packages were removed while the current operation was in progress. Verify the package exists on the feed and try again.

Thank You,
Naresh Borse.


That’s great :grinning:, thank you so much


Hi Swapnika!
I provided this link in the Post above, where you can sign up for the Webinar:
You only need to register for the Insider Preview program, and you are good to go.


Hi Naresh!
Please take a look at the video and screenshots I made in the post above.
There you will see instructions how to install the package, which only works with the latest preview version of UiPath Studio.
The package you are mentioning is not related to our product.