Mobile Automation Using An Emulator, Real Device, and Cloud Integration in UiPath From Scratch

I want to do mobile automation using an emulator, real device, and cloud integration in UiPath from scratch. I got stuck in the appium endpoint setup in Mobile Device Manager in UiPath

Hi @Naren_Bagavathy1 ,

I got some ideas from searchin over the google, To set up the Appium endpoint in UiPath’s Mobile Device Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Open UiPath Studio and go to the Mobile Automation tab.
  2. Click on Mobile Device Manager to open the Mobile Device Manager window.
  3. Click on the Add button to add a new endpoint.
  4. Enter the endpoint details like name, description, and type (emulator, real device, or cloud provider).
  5. For an emulator, enter the emulator details like name, port number, and path to the AVD.
  6. For a real device, enter the device details like name, platform name, platform version, device name, and UDID.
  7. For cloud integration, select the cloud provider and enter the required credentials.
  8. Click on the Save button to save the endpoint details.

Once the endpoint is set up, you can use it to run your mobile automation scripts. To do so, select the endpoint from the dropdown in the Mobile Automation tab and run your script.

Thank you for sharing the idea.

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Probably you know this already but the documentation at Managing Devices is a good place to start, in figuring out how to setup local devices and MDM.

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I referred to the documents already. But, I’m getting an error at the Appium endpoint. But the endpoint was perfect when I ran it in Appium Inspector. I checked three Apk packages. Out of 3, I cannot run even a single app in “UiPath Mobile Device Manager”. Help me to resolve this issue. @Cristian Bidea

In order for me to help, I have to know what you’re doing. What are the errors that you get and so on. From what you wrote I can guess some things but what I can guess isn’t enough to figure out what your problem is. Please confirm if my guesses are correct.

  1. You’re running Appium locally
  2. You want to test on a device or emulator (Android)
  3. You have an APK on the same computer as the Appium instance
  4. The device and/or emulator are running and connected to the computer when you’re running the test
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Exactly, I configured all setups by following the UiPath documentation. I am getting this error.

HI @Naren_Bagavathy1,

  1. Make sure the APK file path is correct: Verify that the APK file path provided in the desired capabilities is correct and that the file is located on the same computer where the Appium server is running. You can also try providing the absolute path of the APK file instead of the relative path.
  2. Check if the device or emulator is connected: Verify that the device or emulator is connected to the computer and that Appium is able to detect it. You can check this by running the adb devices command in the terminal. If the device or emulator is not detected, try restarting the emulator or reconnecting the device.
  3. Verify the HTTP method used in the request: Make sure that the HTTP method used in the request is supported by the Appium server.
  4. Check the Appium server version: Verify that the Appium server version you are using is compatible with the device or emulator you are testing on.
  5. Check for any firewall or proxy issues: You can try disabling any firewalls or proxies temporarily and see if the issue persists.

Thank you very much. I will try the solution above.