Mobile Automation in iOS

Hello. I want to use the UiPath Test Suite in iOS environment(moblie automation),
so for test, I have set up a virtual machine and have been using Mac OS(Catalina) via VMWare on Windows.

Follwing is my questions:

  1. Do I need to download Studio to iOS in order to design mobile automation scenarios and use test manager? Is there any other way to use iOS mobile automation without downloading the Studio?

  2. If I have to download and use the Studio, how do I install it on my iOS virtual machine?
    I refered this : UiPath on Mac - RPA Developer Tutorial | UiPath
    but I still confuse how to set the studio. Please explain the detailed method of installing the Studio on iOS.

Please share your wisdom.

Hi @yoonsu.shin

as far as i know you need to have xcode inorder to perform ios automation it is same like android studio which is possible only in mac os… if not you can have a virtual machine of mac than you can proceed with it…

i am still searching solutions for ios… will share the solution once found

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