How to automate iOS device in Mobile Automation in UiPath


I tried to connect iOS device in UiPath MDM but i don’t know what are the steps need to be performed. Can anyone help me in this asap and also share me the referral links. Thanks.

Any response

This guide has all the steps. Mobile Device Connection Step by Step Guide

Thanks for your reply.

With help of those link,

  1. Mobile Device Automation with UiPath Studio (20.4 Community Preview Release)
  2. Introduction

I configured and developed the workflow in Uipath for Android device.

I’m stucked with automating iOS Device. For UiPath mobile automation we need an emulator or real device, for Android we can create an emulator using Android Studio. For iOS how we need to proceed?

In order to test on iOS simulator you need the following:

  1. Access to a Mac machine.
  2. Configure a simulator (see Apple Developer Documentation)
  3. Configure Appium (see UIAutomation (iOS) - Appium)

After you have a working setup things should be the same from the point of view of UiPath Mobile, in the sense that you use the address from the configured Appium instance and the iPhone Simulator as a device name (the actual simulator will be selected depending on the platform version).

Is there any way to automate iOS device or emulator in Windows machine instead Mac Machine