Missing or Invalid Activity Errors on ReFrameWork GetAppCredentials.xaml

When establishing the sequence for the UiDemo login, the exercise documentation stipulates invoking the GetAppCredentials.xaml that Is in the Framework folder. This xaml file is part of the download along with others in the Framework subfolder. Three activities in it have an error indicating “Missing or Invalid Activity”. How can I repair this xaml file so I can complete the first part of the exercise in section 3 of the RPA Developer Course (UiDemo exercise)?



You can recreate the invoke workflow again. Looks like the Invoke Workflow is not able to find the path to the Workflow. Did you check the “WorkflowFileName” parameter value in the faulty activity?

This also happens if the project.json file in the download is not the same version as your Studio.

Actually, you just need to go to Manage Packages and search for the UiPath Credentials package, and install it as a dependency. I believe this happens to many.



Thanks very much for the reply Andy. As it turns out the problem was there on the initial download before I made any updates. Looks like it was the Credentials package that was my issue also. I have downloaded it and I am proceeding.

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Thanks Clayton. That looks like the issue. I am proceeding and I appreciate the support.

Thanks very much Lukkana. That looks like the solution and I am proceeding with the exercise. Most appreciated.

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en mi caso no parece GetAppCredential despues de la descarga

that was the fix, thanks!

This has worked. Thanks.

Thanks alot