Invoke App credential error

Hi, I did not have the getappcredentials file so I downloaded the text into notepad and saved it as XAML file in the framework folder. I am getting the following error. How can I remove it?

Thank You

Hi @Anived_Mishra

Have install the Credential package


Hi Gokul, Thank you for your reply. I installed and saved the UiPath Credentials Package before testing it. It still has the same error.

Hi @Anived_Mishra

Check the folder path in the Invoke activity. If possible Share the xaml file.



@Anived_Mishra Please go through the below thread

Give a try - can you create a different workflow and paste all these activities in the GetAppCredentials Workflow by installing UiPath.Credentials.Activities


Can you try to downgrade Credentials.Activities package to 1.1.6479.13204?


Hi, it worked. Thank you so much!

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