Activity not loaded properly GetAppCredentials

For the GetAppCredentials.xaml file, I’m getting an error, because an activity was not able to loaded properly. Anyone know what I should do? I don’t know what the activity is. Here is the screenshot:

Hi @alex.badila The image isn’t visible. By the way, what issue are you facing because of that?


Check in Manage package UiPath.Credentials.activites are installed

check below

Hope this helps you


Hi @alex.badila,

Please check if all the dependencies are installed properly under Project–>Dependencies


If there are any issues with dependencies you can try to reinstall the same by clicking on Repair Dependecy

I tried that, but it didn’t solve the error.


Can you share the project tab and check the package version

Try to update to the exact version that is showing

Are you trying to open any other version project? Is the error you are facing for this Reframework project only?

Create a new Re-Framework project and check

If nothing works, better to share the error screenshot and project tab screenshots


Never mind. I tried again, and it is solved now. Thank you.

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