Missing column - Data Scraping


I’ve tried to scrap a data table from SAP.
Unfortunately, when I selected data in the first column (Column name: “Alternatywna (zastępcza) jednostka miary”), I got an empty column.

I also tried to select the whole data table, but still, I do not have data from the first column.

I need all data from this table.

Please Help.

Hi @Emil1 ,

Step1: Click Scrap Data table
Step2: Sclect Column
Then it ask below mentioned screen short then click “No”

Step3: then click “Next”

Step4: select same Column
Step5: Click Next.

Step6: then click “Extract Correlated data”
Step7: then select remaining column


You should be using the SAP specific activities.

Thank you for your reply.

I did that and every column has data, but the first column is empty.

Hello @Emil1 - Data scraping mostly works with a web application and since SAP is a desktop application it was not able to extract from it. Did you check in SAP is there any option to export this table data to excel ?

Thank you for reply.
Unfortunately, I cannot export this table data to excel. (My supplier use SAP, I have only Client account).

When I used Data scraping and choose option to extract the data from the whole table than I get that data table

@Emil1 Have a look on the below one

Thank you :slight_smile: