Data scraping for SAP table is not retrieving all columns


I used data scraping to retrieve all columns in a SAP table. While retrieving, values in some columns are null even though they are filled in SAP table.

was it able to extract atleast few columns.? if yes how many columns are you able to extract.?

There are 23 columns in the table out of which 18 columns are filled.
By using data scraping method i am able to retrieve 15 columns and null for remaining 3 columns though data is present in table.

I’m having a similar problem… although in my case, I’m not getting all the rows…

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I am also facing same issue. Have you guys found any solution?

Hi All!

I ran into this same issue today and found a way around it. The issue is that SAP does not load the data into the entire table until you scroll down to that section of the table. You can’t just go to the end of the table, you have to actually scroll past each row for it to load.


  • We put in a click activity to click on the first cell of the table
  • We enter a Do While loop to send the PageDown hotkey to SAP until an image appears (the scroll bar being at the bottom of the bar)

Once it gets to the bottom of the table, I then use the data extract wizard (like normal) to pull the entire table. Originally UIPath was pulling 119 rows correctly and then the rest of the table was blank, but now it is pulling all 1011 rows without an issue.

I hope that this will help some of you having this same issue! It’s not the best work around, but it works!



I think I found the solution to this issue - if the column name contains non-alphanumeric characters, the column name and column rows will both be null. It can be avoided by going into edit data definitions and changing 'get_columns_name from “1” to “0”. You will be able to scrape all table data but it will no longer show accurate column names.

I am currently raising this as a bug.

this issue is more than 2 years old and not anymore relevant. We will continue the discussion here SAP table data scrape not retrieving all columns

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