Data scrapping missing entire column of data

I’m using the data scraping tool for the first time to collect the results from search on a Sales Force page. it works great except it entirely misses the name column’s contents. it picks up on the presence of a data table without issue and basically pulls up all the data in the correct columns. i’ve tried selecting many cells in the data table.

i am only showing one row, due to privacy, but i assure you have clicked on over 30 distinct locations to try and get this to pull

also if you notice it looks like all the data in the columns are shifted over left by one as the name field doesn’t pull

once it did pull all the name into the column title headers.

no errors.

If i manually outline the first row and then the last row i get

so it seems to be working perfectly, except it misses the contents of the NAME Column. the one column i need most.


update:: i did get it kind of working by JUST using the tool on the single column that i needed.

May be the attribute in xml coding needs to be changed. Well, i’m not sure about that. In my case the entire column with all integer values didn’t display.

If data scraping is not working you can install the Connector.Salesforce.Activities package and use that to query Salesforce without having to go through the GUI. It’s quicker and can return all of the fields of any item that you need.

i am looking into that at least for this look up step.


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looking at the page’s setup it is odd, but i kind of got it to work by JUST highlighting the column i need and nothing else. i will have to test it with a larger query. so i did get it to work kind of.