SAP Table Extract - One column is blank when using Data Scrap

Hi All ,

I am on my way to Automate a SAP task . I have a Table , I have to extract all the contents and proceed with my process based of No LdProcs column. However when I use Data Scraping , i am not able to scrap data from one column which I need mandatory.

Can any one guide me please ?




Any Luck ?


Any Luck

Have you looked at the data definition?

I found another post, where a ‘/’ was causing the data to disappear. You might have something similar to how UiPath is reading that column.


Click on Edit Data Definition option of that Data scraping and see.

Apologies for replying to an old topic - thought I share as I encountered this exact problem recently.

Although the data shows as blank in the Data Scraping window, the robot will still collect all the data within that column; once you perform a test run of the automation.

The visual bug on the Data Scraping window is definitely caused by the ‘/’ within the header name (from what I saw in my example).