UiPath.Core.Activities.ExtractData 2019.10.1 - Data Scrapping - Error - Column '' does not belong to table DataTable


I have upgraded UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities from 19.7.0 to 19.10.1 and I have noticed difference in one specific case.

When table to be scrapped has no column name in one or more columns, Extract Datatable automatically determined datatable column name. But in 19.10.1 it is not the case and I have error message instead. As Scrap datatable comes by default with ContinueOnError, then this activity results with no error, but empty datatable.

Have you encounter the same issue?


Hello everyone and you too @LADISZAN

I have the same problem, someone managed to solve it or you could help me please

@momi_fede, I came back to this point.

The only way so far I was able to figure out is to record activity with UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities < 19.7, and then upgrade package and modify ExtractMetadata in Input section, argument get_columns_name should be 0 instead of 1. This ignores SAP technical column name and column names are automatically assigned as Column-0, Column-1 and so on.

As per release notes, with version 19.10.1:
The SAP grid technical header attribute is now supported by the Extract Structured Data activity.


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