Missing Activities in UiRobot.exe




I see lots of posts here about missing activities and dependencies with no clear solution, for example:

My scenario is:

Just upgraded from 2018.1 to 2018.2.3 Enterprise license

Do not use Orchestrator

We use the task scheduler to launch robots from the command line (like “C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiRobot.exe” -file “path to xaml file”)

All the robots run fine from Studio

All packages in studio are installed and updated (plus re-installed to see if it fixes anything)

When UiRobot.exe tries to start the workflow we see lots of errors like this:

Message: Cannot create unknown type ‘{http://schemas.uipath.com/workflow/activities 2}GetSecureCredential’.

If I click Publish in studio it seems to fix the issue, even though I don’t understand what this does:
If I delete the package created by clicking publish the robot still runs fine so what is the package for?
I never used to click publish and everything still worked fine before, why is it required now?
If I make changes to the workflow do I need to publish again (since it seems the package is not used)?

It’s not clear to me why I now get this error and why clicking Publish fixes it. Does anyone have a clear explanation what causes this and how things are set up with respect to activities and packages.



After more investigation it seems that if you don’t click publish then the project.json file is missing the dependencies section. After clicking publish it is populated as shown below:

“name”: “TEST2”,
“description”: “Blank Project”,
“main”: “Main.xaml”,
“dependencies”: {
“Microsoft.Activities”: “”,
“Microsoft.Activities.Extensions”: “”,
“UiPath.Cognitive.Activities”: “2.0.6716.19435”,
“UiPath.Core.Activities”: “18.2.6745.15248”,
“UiPath.Credentials.Activities”: “1.1.6479.13204”,
“UiPath.Database.Activities”: “1.1.6660.26865”,
“UiPath.Excel.Activities”: “2.3.6682.26635”,
“UiPath.Framework.Activities”: “1.0.5905.30080”,
“UiPath.Mail.Activities”: “1.1.6562.21018”,
“UiPath.PDF.Activities”: “1.1.6732.21973”,
“UiPath.WebAPI.Activities”: “1.1.6479.13209”
“excludedData”: [
“toolVersion”: “18.2”,
“projectVersion”: “1.0.6795.21880”,
“packOptions”: {},
“runtimeOptions”: {}

The package file that is created can safely be deleted as it has no effect on the robot from the command line. Since this is something that used to work is this something that changed in 2018.2.3? also why can’t the file be generated on saving the files instead of having to click publish?


Interesting thread. I just deleted my Dependencies section to see if it would be regenerated by publishing to Orchestrator, but it wasn’t.

Any thoughts on that? I want to ensure that my robot project’s dependency list is accurate and doesn’t contain stuff from a previous project I may have copy/pasted as a template.


No idea to be honest, I think the documentation is really lacking in these areas. If you read about Publishing it barely says what it does.