System.Xaml.XamlObjectWriterException: Cannot create unknown type '{}Variable({}DatabaseConnection)'.

Hello, I have two rpa projects I did in Uipath studio 2017. The tool has updated, and now I can not run the robots. gives the following error.

Hello, did you try uninstalling/reinstalling all your packages ?

Hello Mustafa. Yes, I already did. But It did nota help.

@glaufer.charao Delete your json file and run

Hello Indra, how are you? Unfortunately json was not excluded. He had already done that, and it had not been resolved. Good if anyone knows anything else and can comment. Thank you for trying to help.

Hello its the database acivities, please uninstall and reinstall it and let us know,

to do this you can simply ctrl+p to view the packages search for database and voila.

also please check that activity, seems there must be something there.

Hi, I already did that, but it did not work. The interesting thing is that the robot runs if it is fired by UiPath, but if it goes through the script it gives the same error. I really do not know what else to do.

Oh! I see I was thinking just that now, please re write your question, so we can keep this forum quality

I mean please add your concern on the title and your description below, I will come back and help you :slight_smile:

Hello guys, I have been able to solve the problem. The problem happened when I
was executing the theft with cmd. What was missing was to publish the solution, so dependencies would be added to json. In other versions I never had to publish, so I went through this problem. Thank you for your help. hug

ok ya te escribo

Borra tu numero :slight_smile: jajaja