Milestone 2 - Automating User Interface

Ok, I got to 100% but forgot to take a screen capture. :roll_eyes:

Got it!

This was really a nice challenge, thank you

I think I’m missing something and don’t understand the challenge. I set it up to fill each field and hit submit for each row. It ran through the simulation and filled in the items, but only did row 1 over and over, and came back with a Congratulations!
Your success rate is 11.428571428571429% ( 8 out of 70 fields) in 114003 milliseconds. It completed filling in all fields 10 time, but obviously it needed to do something else to do all the different rows… but what?

Hi again, OK I figured it out. I didn’t choose my target “current row” but instead chose the first row’s field information for each. Easy fix, but had me stumped for a while. Fun and challenging.

Conseguido !
Successful! :blush:

Took me 3 attempts…

I’m a little bit delayed in the course, but I just did this exercise successfully, It was really fun :slight_smile:

Took me two tries because i forgot to automate the clicking of the ‘Start’ button :stuck_out_tongue: But managed to get 100%

Successfully done !! In 1st Attempt.

Was able to do it. Need to try the simulation mode now.