Method not found in SOAP Activity

I am trying to call API using SOAP activity. I have provided correct end point, Contract and Methods.
I have provided 3 parameters as required by API. But while invoking I am getting Method not found error. Please help me to resolve it.


I am not sure as details are not adequate.

Can you do ‘GET’ using REST?

if it shows ‘Method not found’ then it exactly means that. Try checking for it or use a different method.

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In the HTTP request also I am getting same error.
But in SOPA API software I am getting response.

If it is not confidential i can check it in postman and get back if you share the details. :slight_smile:

Else if the client has given you these details for SOAP/REST call then you gotta contact their team for the same.

Can you please tell me how to provide payload in SOAP request.
I am getting successful message in HTTP but I am unable to see the data because response is coming in base64 format

Hi @Deepak_M ,

You are passing credentials as parameters for the request… Then you don’t need to pass authentication as mentioned in the first screenshot. Request should be sent as it is you are sending in SOAP UI ,

In some cases, first of all you need to pass credentials and then you need to pass the session id to other requests. But in your case, you don’t have to pass the session id as it has credentials as the input arguments.

Here is a sample to work with soap api using http request activity. Have a look at it just in case it helps,

Rammohan B.

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Hi, Was there any solution for this topic, I face the same problem with the same exact WSDL?


Hi @Ahassan204,
It is resolved now.
Thank you for the information

Yes I resolved in my case.

Hi Deepak99,
Thanks for getting back so soon, is it possible to share the solution please.
Kind regards

Hi @Ahassan204,
In my scenario, I took http activity in Uipath.
I wrote my WSDL as my End point.
Then I selected the method type as Post.
In the body, I copy paste the body of Soap api.
I chose Accept Format as XML, you can select based on your api response. Mostly it will be XML only.
In the Headers, write all the headers.
If you have Single Sign On (SSO), maybe in your Api body, you have to write Username and Password.

Thanks, was wondering what I was doing wrong, it was the Method, I was using GET instead of POST. Once again thanks for your help.

Kind regards


Could you please elaborate on “In the Headers, write all the headers.” this

I am also trying run query in oracle fusion cloud

Hi Deepak_M

Just as yvrnsravankumar is asking, I would also like to know how you have written the headers in Uipath, and how did you copy in the body from SoapUI, just copy paste or? Ui wants it to be a string, how does that look like?

Hi @Michaeljep,

In the properties panel you can see the “Body”.
Copy the body of Soap Ui and paste in the property Body. Everything should be in double quotes ("") in a single line.
For Headers, in the Headers property, you have write every header in separate argument.
Select the method which you are using Get/ Post/ Put/ Delete.
Choose appropriate Accept format also.


@Deepak_M - Thanks your help is much appreciated.

So if I understand it correctly the body in this picture would look like;

Should I remove the blank spaces from the copied SoapUI?

The header from the SoapUi seems quite empty, my assumption is that this is where I should enter the credentials?

No you don’t have to remove spaces.
But I can’t see any tag where you can write credentials.
At the place of “?” you can write values based on your requirement.


Yes, iv’e just replaced all the “?” with the required variables.

Maybe the missing credentials is the rootcause if all my troubles, in SoapUI i’m obligated to type in user, pass and domain, how does that work in UiPath?

I can see in the raw section in SoapUi that the authorization is like below;
Authorization: NTLM TlRMTVNTUAADAAAAGAAYAEAAAADIAMgAWA…and a hole lot of more characters.