SOAP request activity problem

I am having a problem using the soap request activity.
“Method … Not Found”
As i understand a lot of people had issues with that activity before. Are there any solutions or is that a bug?

Thanks in advance!

Are you sure your WSDL url is working fine in the browser? @dcrt

Yes it does

Can you post the screenshot of error and the browser output of the wsdl?


I am sorry it is a link provided by my company. I am not allowed to share it

Yeah I understand @dcrt

That’s why I asked just the screenshots :slight_smile:


There you go :slight_smile:

Is it working in SOAP ui @dcrt?

The output of the WSDL in browser will be like this. I hope you are getting this :slight_smile:

yeap :slight_smile:

Check if it needs any authentication by passing the credentials in the authentication phase in the request @dcrt… I’m confused :thinking: as the request will gives you the output anywhere. And have you used that WSDL anywhere else and is it working?


We are also facing the same issue. Did you get any solution for it

Hi, We couldn’t solve this one so we wrote a custom service and inserted that one from the import section to Studio. That solved the problem. It might be about the features of your WSDL

Thank you. Could you please share the code with removing sensitive data from the code.

Thank you in Advance

me too has same issue
by http request the request work fine
by soap i receive
Method ‘StcFulfillmentInterfaceClient.GetPlateIDDetails’ not found.