SOAP Request Question

Hey everyone,

I have created a SOAP Request in order to get some data via API.

I have the Service Description which is actually the key. I wrote then pressed get and I got the methods and contract which is awesome. Then I pressed invoke and a demo of the results in the response part.

BUT, when I execute the activity I get and error saying that the method “…” is not found. Any ideas?
When invoke I get the result, how the method cant be found? How does is give me the respose if its not found?

First time working with API :slight_smile: I appreciate every bit of help.

EDIT: I have also tried doing the example on here :

same problem! When I invoke I get the result but when I execute the process I get error saying “SOAP Request: Method ‘CalculatorSoapClient.Subtract’ not found.”

here it look like Its working fine.

But after exection:

@jntrk what version of the Web activities are you using? This was fixed in 1.6.0.