How to consume a web service

I am working with a WS which I need to send somo values so that web service return a value. I have tried to use SOAP REQUEST activity but It looks the activity does not work.

How Can I do it?

what is the output or the error you are getting @Lucky0906?

That the method does not exists

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Please try downgrading the uipath.web.activities @Lucky0906

Hope this would help you

Cheers @Lucky0906

Can you share me and example?

There are many possible reasons for that @Lucky0906,

  1. The end point of the URL may be different
  2. There may be a SSO integration on the WSDL (then it won’t display the methods and classes also)
  3. The method you are trying to call is no more available (In general cases not in the UiPath request)
  4. The connection may be refused by the incorrect type of parameters

but when I try the sample calculator WSDL, i got the same error. :slight_smile: when I try the same URL in soap ui, The end point URL changed.

Please check the end point URL which you have at the end of the file when you run in browser is same or any changes in it ?