Method not found in SOAP Activity

Yes that is your Authorization token which you can use in other Soap UI calls if required

But how is that converted into something I can use in Uipath? in Soap it’s pretty straight forward, in UiPath not so much.

At this point im stuck before I even get started as I don’t know how to authenticate my request with the server.

You can use the Output Properties like Result and Status code.
You will get string output in “Result” and integer number in “Status Code”.


I’m sure it would make a lot more sense if I got any where near the same response in Ui as I do in Soap.

This is what I get when I run “Read” in Soap
<Read_Result xmlns=“urn:microsoft-dynamics-schemas/page/cgeurocode”>



But When I run the workflow in Ui my result is this…

This is only a part of the result, so not even close to the expected result :unamused::roll_eyes:

Check the status code whether it is success or error.
I am thinking you are not getting success code (200)

actually it does return “200”

If the Status code is 200 then I believe response is correct based on your input values.

But the response looks nothing like what SoapUi gets it looks more than if I call the service in a browser.

I expect this

But it looks like im getting this

Try changing the property “AcceptFormat” in Input.
If the response is XML select XML otherwise Json

That didn’t change anything, the result is the same on both formats

I can now only suggest to work with API team and check both the responses.
Just in case did you select the correct method (Get/ Post/ Put/ Delete).

I have selected Post as the method, I read somewhere that Soap API’s would only accept post as a method.

I don’t know that Soap Api can only take POST as method.
Did you check with your team members what method they are using in their application.
Show them the response what you are getting through Uipath and verify whether it is correct or not.
Since you mentioned you are getting Status code 200 so the response will be correct only.
They may tell you something to filter the response.

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Hi @Deepak_M

Please share the uipath workflow to query oracle cloud via BI services .
I short oracle cloud data to datatable

I some confidential details like username , password and host can be parameterized


Hi @yvrnsravankumar,

Thank you for your message.
I am able to call Soap UI using Http activity in Uipath Studio.

Hi Michael Jeppesen I have the same kind of issue. Is that your issue resolved. If yes how did you resolved it. Could please help. Thanks

Hi faheem14

Sorry for the late reply.

Where do you get stuck? I got i solved, so based in where you are I can better help.

Hi, I have the same problem, how should I enter the information to the HTTP activity if my SOAP query is the following:
<soapenv: Envelope xmlns: soapenv = “” xmlns: ws = “”>
<soapenv: Header>
<ws: user>? </ ws: user>
<ws: password>? </ ws: password>
<ws: ip>? </ ws: ip>
</ soapenv: Header>
<soapenv: Body>
<ws: consultCedulas>
</ ws: consultCedulas>
</ soapenv: Body>
</ soapenv: Envelope>

Thanks for the help

Hi Sebastian

My approach on the SOAP endpoints is as below

In the body I copy in the body from i.e SoapUI as a string
The body from SoapUI
Turn into
“<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=”“”" xmlns:sal="“urn:microsoft-dynamics-schemas/page/”"> soapenv:Header/ soapenv:Body sal:Read sal:No9588175</sal:No> </sal:Read> </soapenv:Body></soapenv:Envelope>"
If you have namespaces with ", remember to add extra around the existing “”.

From the raw input panel in SoapUI I copy the SOAPAction and put it into the headers in Uipath.

And lastly I create an output variable.

Because the endpoint and the robot machine are on the same network, there is not further authentication, so it’s quite straightforward.

Hope it helps.

Hi Michaeljep

i found the solution. thanks