Send Outlook Mail Message Popups

Hi guys,
I am using Citrix application to access my working server. in that server while sending Emails manually no issues, but if i send through the Robot, i am getting below warnings. we can see those error attachment below.

so, i disabled those warnings in Trust center options in Outlook setting. but its automatically turned into first option after somedays. i need to keep 3rd option always. if ask to IT department , they saying we haven’t changed those option. i checked its automatically changed after some days. as of now i am using SMTP, but i want to read through the Get Outlook mail activity, even this activity also showing same warnings. please let me know… how to solve it.


Generally there is a master image that is used and ask your it to have this setting inthat and whenever it is restarted also it should be set…explicitly mention to it they should be able to fix



As another workaround, can you try UiAutomation (Click etc) using parallel activity with isolate mode to check and click “Allow” of this dialog? In one of my environments, as we cannot change group policy, this way solves the matter.



just to add on to Yoichis answer
this is tutorial for using parallel activity + isolated mode if you cannot change group policy

okay thank you so much.

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