Manual deployment of packages to robot machines

What are the steps/best practices to manually deploy the package on attended/unattended robot machines manually if such robots are not connected to orchestrator. Any pointers/links would be helpful.

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I have the same question. Could someone from UIPath support please jump in and answer this?


One issue related to manual deployment is resolving library/library version conflicts between the developer machine and the user’s machine. For example, the developer has UIPath.UIAutomation.Activities version 21.10.5 on their machine, but the user has version 21.4.4 installed on their machine. These library version differences are one reason the automation may work on the developer machine, but fail on the user’s machine.

These version issues can be handled automatically by Orchestrator, depending on what version of Orchestrator you are using.

If you are not using Orchestrator, here’s an important point:

  • If the user has some version of Studio on their machine, even the community version, they can use Studio to choose whether they get library packages from Orchestrator, or from the local machine.
    See: Studio > Home tab > Settings > Manage Sources.
  • If the user does not have a version of Studio on their machine but ONLY has Assistant/Robot, they can only get package versions from Orchestrator.

I’ve spoken to UIPath support about this and AFAIK, without Studio, there’s no way to access package management features on the user’s machine.

Here are some links related to the issue of manual deployment: