UiPath/Packages folder missing

Hi All,

I have to deploy a bot package on a standalone system. The Programdata/UiPath/Packages folder is not available on the said system. Can the “Packages” folder be manually created or does any other setting needs to be done?


Is your studio connected to orchestrator ? If yes then it will directly puplished into Orchestrator.

If not then at the time of publishing process it will show folder names where the package was deployed. Could you please check once.

Hello @lakshman,

Thank you for the reply. My system is not connected to Orchestrator. I have created a package which is created in UiPath/Packages folder in my system. I have to deploy this package without using orchestrator on 3 systems. 2 systems had the folder Uipath/Packages on them. So pasting the package there makes my bot available in UiRobot tray for manual triggering, but the 3rd system does not have folder UiPath/Packages on it. So can I manually create this folder on the 3rd system and paste the packages there?

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Are you using same version of UIpath in all systems ?

Packages folder should be there and don’t know why it is missing in that system ?

Have you installed properly ?

Don’t know will it work or not. Just give it a try and see.