Deployment of Packages to Attended Robots which is connected to Orchestrator

Hi all,
I encountered this issue whereby i’m trying to deploy a Robot Package which i had developed under Community Version into a Enterprise Version Attended Bot.

Previously when i publish the Robot Package and deploy it onto another workstation with Community Version installed, there’s no issue with that and i managed to run the Robot successfully through the other workstation’s UiPath Robot Client.

Right now, when i’m trying to deploy it onto a workstation with Enterprise Version installed and connected to the Orchestrator, after moving the nupkg into the “ProgramData\UiPath\Packages”, the UiPath Robot Client doesn’t recognize any nupkg in the tray.

Anyone has any workaround on this?

Thanks in advance and stay safe!


I guess due to Studio version mismatch.

Did you install Studio along with Robot in Enterprise Edition BOT machine ?

If the Uipath studio is connected to Orchestrator then the only option is to publish the package to orchestrator and run job from there. The packages won’t be in the program data folder and Uipath robot won’t be able to detect since its connected to orchestrator