Manage Packages Between Two Environments Without Orchestrator

Hi All,

I am currently working on a project where the client has the following setup:

  • 2 Attended Licenses.
  • 1 VM for Dev and Test with UiPath Studio and UiPath Robot installed.
  • 1 VM for Production with UiPath Robot installed (no Studio).
  • No Orchestrator installed.

We face the following problem when we release a bot to Production. The Prod VM does not have the packages needed to run the process. We found a workaround by manually copying the packages from Dev to Prod but this is not a viable solution. Is there a way to manage the Packages between the to VMs without using Orchestrator?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @alex.sparos

The workaround you have found is indeed one of the ways to go, as normally one would handle it with Orchestrator.

However, you could also prepare a shared network drive that would contain the those packages and be visible to both machines.


Need to install 300 attended bots in 300 agent machines without orchestrator and without studio.

Is there a way to install as a batch on all the machines?

And we have installed attended bots in couple of machines but facing the ‘package missing’ error.
Have copied the nuget packages from dev to prod machine. But all the packages are automatically getting converted into single nuget package file (not sure why this happens).

How to resolve the package issues across all the agent machines where attended bot installed ?

your support would be great :slight_smile:

Hi @userfrosh,
Assuming that you have all those machines in one domain you could deploy Powershell script with use of GPO for them.

Robot can be installed with use of CMD (so Powershell as well):

In powershell/cmd you can do something like:

.\UiPathStudio.msi ADDLOCAL=Robot,RegisterService APPLICATIONFOLDER=C:\<your path> CONNECTIONSTRING=

This should install the Robot from MSI, register it as a service under defined path and automatically connect it to orchestrator. You need to experiment :slight_smile:

You can skip orchestrator connection in command. But you need to add Attended robot. Only then there is possibility to run process without orchestrator.

Thank you @Pablito will try and update

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