Managing big mailboxes


I need to manipulate a big mailbox that has about 20 folders with 40k-70k messages.
Doing it with GetOutlookMessages sometimes yield a message “Folder not found” even if the folder exists… Does anyone know how to solve this?

I have tested retrieval with GetExchangeMessages which works faster and without error (the issue seems to be Outlook, not the Exchange server). However I encounter 2 problems

  1. my filter used with Outlook activity does not work on Exchange “[ReceivedTime]<=’”+now.AddDays(-3).Date.ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”)+"’"
  2. I haven’t managed to add categories to Exchange messages. Is it possible ?

Thanks for all ideas!

as you have done we do shift to Exchange , when possible

Can you check latest / later UiPath.Mail.Activities:

maybe following works?

also a SetCategories sub was seen
for filters

I can get the categories


I can set categories


But how do I save the changed categories to the Exchange?

One more problem: I haven’t managed to connect using the server address, but only with EmailAutodiscover. The issue is that from time to time I get the error Get Exchange Mail Messages: The Autodiscover service couldn’t be located.

Does anyone have an answer to hot to set categories to Exchange messages?