Get Exchange Mail Messages, doesn't not see new directories if there are more than 48 created

Hi all,

has anyone using Get Exchange Mail Messages activity with sharedmailbox and a lot of subfolders? Up to 48 new directories (not including Inbox, Sent and so on) everything is fine, but anything above this amount is not visible for this activity.

I.e.: ExchangeSharedMailbox activity which uses EWS, doesn’t have any problem with getting e-mail from subfolders not visible for UiPath Get Exchange Mail Messages.

Addditionaly Get Exchange Mail Messages is not able to read some e-mails, rpboably with forbidden chars in subject or sender field, activity crashes. Mentioned above custom activity doesn’t have a problem. I cannot post in Bug section…

Hi @p0tfur

Is it an Enterprise scenario? If so, please do contact our technical support to look into this issue.

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