Get Exchange mail message error: could not find the folder

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while i am migrating the process from 2018.4 version to 2020.10 version getting the Error as “Could not find the folder (fodername)” for Get Exchange mail message actvitiy in 2020 .10 version but in 2018.4 version its working fine and there is no folder like mentioned in error in mail, so pls suggest how to solve this?

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Chandu Charagonda.

Hey @charagonda_chandu

Your mail has the folder available right ?


I have seen issues in the past when using the Outlook mail activities where you need to specify the account that you are trying to connect to, I wonder if this could be similar issue. Are you specifying the email account? Also please see below link:
" Target

  • MailFolder - The mail folder from which the messages are to be retrieved.



  • To retrieve emails from a public folder, the value of the MailFolder field should be exactly as the name of the public folder that is displayed in Favorites.
  • When using a public folder, if there is a personal folder in the mailbox with the same name, the activity returns the emails from the personal folder. In order to return the emails from the public folder, the personal folder must be renamed.
  • The activity does not support Posts items. If there are Posts items in the public folder, the activity will fail unless you specify a proper filter expression, for example, FilterExpression = “kind:emails”.
  • SharedMailbox - Enables the retrieving of messages from a shared mailbox linked to an Exchange user account."

@Nithinkrishna , there is no folder in mail , but it’s working in 2018 version

How come :sweat_smile:, Please share some snaps…

@Nithinkrishna , finally it’s resolved, there is folder but it is in sub folders, now i am able to access it…

Cool, Thanks for sharing it.

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